This light baby pink bag design is a result of a detailed study of van Gogh’s use of colors and strokes. The line drawing of van Gogh has carefully weaved by Henney bear to produce the right texture. The light sober color devoid of any luster is the key feature of this design. One must take notice of the various attires worn by the bears. It is an abundance of a variety of clothes that will give you the essence of the past. Both male and female dresses are well researched. The tint of yellow, blue, red and its shades bring out the childlike innocence. The canvas stripe strap in the middle is the main eye-catching part of the bag. One another noticeable thing is that the bears are of various colors like white, brown and pink. In a way, it breaks the monotony. This classy, as well as cute bag, is exclusive in its way. Anyone would love to carry this bag each day while travelling.

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