Paris is the city of fashion. Why not make the bears as fashionable as the city of Paris. Paris’ distinctive style of dresses and clothes can be seen through the attires of the bears. The hats worn by the bears have made the bears so voguish. The sketch-like image of the Eiffel tower has made the bag unique instead of common. Henney Bear used the image of mannequin owing to the Paris’ world-famous fashionable clothes. If you notice properly then you will be able to spot that the bears are wearing very traditional dresses like that of the Kings and the Queens. Thus the design has maintained its authenticity. This well-designed bag demands your regard and curiosity. For those people who are close to the city of Paris can go for this bag. Even those who are not can buy this bag for collection and keep the most romantic city on the earth closer to you. Keep your life full of Love & Dreams.

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